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We provide all that's needed to create a beautiful and charming stained glass project of any size, from the smallest panel through Tiffany lamps, large doors and segments of walls. We offer a wide selection of glass and all materials and tools for glass ornamenting, joining, melting, sticking and bending. We are a distributor of the main American and Polish stained glass manufacturers and have in stock a rich selection of colors and textures of glass which can be used not only for traditional stained glass projects but also for direct use as an original door glazing. In our own studio we make special order lamps and stained glass panels for customers. Our offer of equipment, auxiliary materials and tools includes all the latest technologies and innovations. We can ship glass and materials to any place around the world where mail is delivered.
We have been active on the Polish market since 1990.





Arts & Hobby is a direct importer of stained glass from USA. We have the widest selection of colour glass in Poland. All our glass can be used not only for stained glass windows and panels or vitrailed lamps, but also for door glazing. We offer unique, elegant, original glass for demanding customer. We are also the main importers of multi-colour small glass stones known as glass nuggets or glass gems. They are available in a wide range of colours and can be used for making ornaments, jewelry and decorating.
Kinds of glass:

antique, blown; thickness: 2.5 - 3 mm, around 120 colours, sheet ~ 40x90 cm 
opal, opaque, well transparent, variegated and monochromatic, thickness: 3 - 3.5 mm, around 80 colours, sheet ~ 80x110 cm 
cathedral glass of various types of structure and surface, thickness: 3 - 3.5 mm, ~ 50 kinds and colours, sheet ~ 82x108 cm 
ornamental glass, thickness: 4 mm, useful for stained-glass elements, for door glazing, about 30 kinds, sheets 142x160 cm 
We offer also opal and cathedral glass with iridescent surface coating ,glue-chip glass and glass rondels in many colours and sizes. Samples of glass made by Spectrum, Armstrong, Wissmach,Jaslo and two kinds of Arts & Hobby sample sets can be purchased. Cutting of glass can be ordered too, except antique glass. We ship glass in wooden cases by a freight forwarder.


Bevelled glass is usually used for elegant, stained-glass door glazing and for decorating of mirrors. It can be put together with Tiffany foil, classical lead or brass, or stuck with UV-glue on a glass surface. We have a large selection of bevelled profiles (traditional glass, glue chip, coloured or mirror), from which any compositions or frames can be arranged. There are also available already prepared beveled clusters of various formats. We can make special order bevelled glass with the shortest side of 100 mm and bevels up to 30 mm wide.

We offer tools for glass cutting, electric grinders, electric saws, glass pliers and breakers, lead and brass profiles, soldering equipment and tin, stained glass putty, chemicals, moulds, lamp forms and auxiliary stained glass materials. We are a main distributor of such American manufacturers as: INLAND Corp. - (tools, grinders, glass saws), VENTURE TAPE - (foils, Tiffany tapes), GLASTAR Corp. - (sandblasting and grinding equipment), REGALEAD -(self-adhesive lead, foils).

We have a large selection of brass bases and parts for lamps, like: harps, caps, cones, tees, nuts, tubes, knobs and lamp catches etc. We offer moulds for setting up lamps with patterns. The catalogues of bases and metal elements are available.

We offer professional glass glue of various densities, hardened with UV-rays. These glues are used for joining beveled elements, glass furniture and so on. We also offer UV-lamps - irradiators. The time of hardening of the glue with UV-rays in range of 320 - 420 nm equals around 60 sec. The joints stuck that way are very firm and stable.


An easy and quick method of stained glass windows making is to glue on a glass base the following elements:

coloured, stained-glass foil in sheets, self-adhesive, very durable. Any colours imitating various kinds of glass; 
self-adhesive, convex lead tapes, 3 to 18 mm wide. 10 to 50 m on a roll, colour of lead or brass; 
bevelled elements made of thick, colourless or chromatic glass. 


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